Anderson Cooper’s Heart Is in the Right Place, But as a Reporter, He’s Made a Big Mistake. Makes You Wonder — What’s Going on With His Bosses at CNN?

Jul 25, 2012  •  Post A Comment

CNN’s Anderson Cooper has announced a major new policy on his "Anderson Cooper 360°": deliberately only mentioning the names of suspects of heinous crimes as minimally as possible during the newscast. Please click here for a piece by TVWeek Open Mic blogger Chuck Ross explaining the pitfalls of this policy.


  1. To be honest, Anderson is not a good journalist. I noticed that he asks a question maybe twice… doesn’t get an answer, then moves on. Inquiry minds want to know… Guess Anderson isn’t inquiry. His show’s topics are also the same lame news I have seen all day, and with the whale story… old news from the previous day. I noticed others that were stories from the previous day. I wonder if CNN forces stories on him, since Erin, Fredrica, Situation Room, and the rest of the CNN (USA)crew report the exact same stories. It’s like watching my local newscast… same thing for the next 3 days, in the same order.
    By the way, if he can’t be honest with us, about his sexuality, how can he keep others honest… only sayin’, not hatin’.

  2. Also hearing rumors about a HUGE radio company wanting to buy CNN
    Hint: The old “fiancee” was left at the alter, from this channel… wrote a book on the CEO.

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