Journalist Banned From Twitter After Wading Into Controversy Over NBC’s Olympics Coverage

Jul 31, 2012  •  Post A Comment

A journalist who urged viewers to contact an NBC executive to air their complaints over the network’s Olympics coverage has been booted from Twitter, reports The New York Times’ Media Decoder.

Guy Adams, a Los Angeles-based correspondent for the British newspaper The Independent, took critical aim at NBC’s tape delay, writing, "The man responsible for NBC pretending the Olympics haven’t started yet is Gary Zenkel. Tell him what u think!”

He included the work email address for Zenkel, the president of NBC Olympics, in his tweet, according to the story. According to an article in The Independent, Twitter informed him that his account was suspended for "posting an individual’s private information."

Adams responded that Zenkel’s email isn’t a private account. "I didn’t publish a private email address, just a corporate one, which is widely available to anyone with access to Google and is identical to one that all of the tens of thousands of NBC Universal employees share," he wrote, according to The Independent.

NBC had filed a complaint with Twitter over Adams’ tweet, according to The Times. As previously reported, NBC and Twitter have formed a partnership to help promote NBC’s coverage of the Olympics.

“We filed a complaint with Twitter because a user tweeted the personal information of one of our executives. According to Twitter, this is a violation of their privacy policy. Twitter alone levies discipline," NBC said in a statement.

Adams declined to comment, according to The Times. Twitter said it doesn’t comment on individual users for privacy reasons.


  1. Still, Mr. Adams crossed a line when he made his complaint “personal” against Mr. Zenkel, private or public, by inciting an uprising against an individual, not an organization. Nearly all social media draw the line at personal attacks. Had Mr. Adams simply encouraged other to complain to BNC, then he’d not have been banned, but he made it personal, which is bullying. An object lesson for us all.

  2. I hope they suspended Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr for tweeting George Zimmerman’s home address. Didn’t hear about that happening.

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