Report Cites Extreme Scientology Group as Trigger for Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise Divorce Filing; Holmes Said to Be Intimidated by Scientology ‘Goons’

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Katie Holmes’ fear that Tom Cruise would send their 6-year-old daughter Suri to the Scientology group known as Sea Organization, or Sea Org, reportedly led to her decision to file for divorce, according to TMZ.com.

Furthermore, The New York Post reports, "Katie Holmes fears she can’t take one step without a Scientology goon following her every move in a heavy-handed intimidation attempt, multiple sources close to the actress told The Post."

Writes the Post, "The pretty actress last night was holed up in her Chelsea pad — terrified that soon-to-be-ex-hubby Tom Cruise might kidnap their little girl, law-enforcement sources said. Holmes told another building resident of her abduction fear — and that neighbor called police on Friday, sources said. But without Holmes phoning in the report herself — and Cruise known to be 2,600 miles away shooting a movie in Iceland — police couldn’t take any action."

The TMZ report focuses on Sea Org, which teaches the highest level of Scientology, the story says, adding that children as young as 5 are sent there to live without their parents.

Holmes and Cruise had allegedly been arguing over their daughter’s indoctrination to Scientology, with Sea Org an important issue, TMZ notes. Holmes reportedly filed for divorce as a last resort to prevent Suri from being sent to Sea Org, says TMZ.

Members of Sea Org sign "a one-billion-year pledge to symbolize their eternal commitment to the religion and it is still signed by all members today," according to the official Scientology website, the article adds.

The TMZ story adds: “Katie herself has firsthand knowledge of the Sea Org. When Holmes and Cruise first hooked up in 2005, Jessica Feshbach, a prominent Scientologist who had been with the Sea Org since 1994, was transferred and became Katie’s assistant/Scientology chaperone. Feshbach, in one of Katie’s first interviews after getting together with Cruise, was described by a writer for W magazine as ‘cold-eyed’ and ‘a third-wheel.’"


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