Report: Two Front-Runners Emerge to Fill ‘American Idol’ Judge Seats

Jul 31, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Two front-runners have emerged to fill the two empty seats at the judges’ table on "American Idol," reports USMagazine.com.

They are singer Nick Jonas, 19, and N.E.R.D. rapper Pharrell Williams, 39, the story notes.

Randy Jackson will be moved into a "mentoring role." The Fox show is searching for new judges after the departures of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

Jonas last week met with "Idol" executives for final meetings, while Williams is negotiating the terms of a contract, the story notes. A representative for Fox had no comment, the piece adds.

Mariah Carey is set as one of the judges for the new season, taking over the spot that had been held by Jennifer Lopez, as previously reported.


  1. Those two (Nick Jonas and Pharrell Williams)are poor choices for American Idol judges. Who are they? They might as well let the current Idol contestants judge each other.
    Its the beginning of the end for American Idol if those two become judges. Previous Idol contestants would make better judges than those two.
    If those two become judges, Mariah Carey would be the only good judge on the Idol panel, if Randy Jackson isedbecomes a mentor.

  2. Google Pharrell Williams and you will see his list of accomplishments is legion. He owns a clothing line, has designed jewelry, helped produce some of the great works of the last 15 years. I am almost 50, Caucasian and know this. You are slightly out of touch. Clearly, they want to appeal to a younger demographic. The Jonas brother, while not my cup, will certainly bring in the viewers.

  3. Pharrell is a interesting choice, because he fills the Randy Jackson role…But Jonas is a reach…you need someone with more longevity in the music business…

  4. Uh yeah…I don’t think a Jonas brother is the right choice for AI.

  5. Rap doesn’t win Idol. It doesn’t even figure into the prelim’s.

  6. ^^^Maybe that’s the point him not “fitting into the prelims.” It’s important, at this point for Idol to shake things up and head in another direction. If, after this next season, one or the other (or both) don’t work out, then Idol’s tptb will have a pretty good idea where to go from there.I WILL give you that the Jonas boy is too inexperienced to be a judge, though.

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