Awkward Moment on NBC’s ‘Today’ as Al Roker Expresses How Really Pissed He Is About Co-Host Ann Curry Being Fired (Here’s the Video)

Aug 17, 2012  •  Post A Comment

An unexpected quip by “Today” weatherman Al Roker during the program earlier this week revealed just how upset he is at how NBC treated Ann Curry, who was pushed out from her job as co-host after a yearlong ratings decline, reports the New York Post.

Roker, co-hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie — Curry’s replacement — and Tamron Hall were conducting an interview with members of the U.S. women’s rowing team when Lauer asked the team’s coxswain about a tradition in which her teammates throw her in the water after a victory, the story says.

Roker’s co-hosts were startled when the weatherman jumped in with the comment, “Which is different than our tradition, which is you throw one of us under the bus, but that’s another story,”

Lauer then chided him, saying, "Mr. Roker!," with Guthrie, who replaced Curry in June, saying the identical thing, the story notes.

Some observers feel the quip may have been aimed at Lauer, who has been accused by some of being behind Curry’s ouster.

Here’s the video:


  1. Wow what an assumption TV Week. If you watch the show, they throw that humor around a lot, my assumption of the joke was he meant in general of everybody at the Today show throws people under the bus and Matt Lauer didn’t CHIDE him, he was tossing it to Al for the weather; he always says Mr. Roker when he tosses to Al. Watch the dang video!!!

  2. This little clip looks like it was the usual one liners / banter between the co-host.. seems like quite a stretch to say its about Ann Curry.. ???

  3. In all fairness, TV Week was just reporting on the story that ran in the New York Post. That being said, I think people are reading WAAAY too much into this little exchange. Talk about assumptions…sure, maybe Al is pissed and blames Matt for this whole debacle, but that may have nothing to do with this clip. Must be a slow news day…

  4. Between this and all the alleged NBC Olympics “failures,” TV Week seems to be sliding towards being Gawker or TMZ rather than a legitimate source of industry news.

  5. Let us all remember that the TABLOID New York Post is a Murdoch bird cage liner and that virtually nothing in it is true or non-biased.

  6. And also remember, the Post won’t let you comment on THEIR stories unless you’re (stupid enough to be) a F___book user!

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