EW Picks the Best Cult TV Series Ever. Here’s EW’s Top 10. In at No. 1 Is a British Import. See if You Agree With EW’s Choices

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Entertainment Weekly has published its choices for the best cult TV series ever. Counting from No. 10 to No. 1, here are EW’s choices. The only show that might be hard to place by some is EW’s choice for the No. 9 slot, "The Comeback." It was only on one season — 2005 — on HBO and starred Lisa Kudrow.

Dunno if we agree with these choices. For example, we here at TVWeek would put at least these five series in our top 10 of the best cult TV series ever: "Action," the little known, bitingly funny Hollywood satire that lasted just 13 episodes on Fox in the 1999 season; the long-running HBO comedy "The Larry Sanders Show"; the outstanding ABC series from David Lynch "Twin Peaks," the sci-fi favorite "The Prisoner," with Patrick McGoohan, that ran in the 1967-’68 season; and "Kolchak: The Night Stalker," starring Darren McGavin, which was on duing the 1974-’75 season.

Here’s EW’s top ten cult TV series of all time:

10. "My So-Called Life."

9. "The Comeback"

8. "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

7. "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

6. "The Wire"

5. "The X-Files"

4. "Mystery Science Theater 3000"

3. "Arrested Development"

2. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

1. "Doctor Who"


"Star Trek: The Next Generation" only made it to No. 8 on EW’s list of cult TV favorites


  1. What about the original Star Trek? And Firefly?

  2. FIREFLY is on the list but not in the top 10.
    I think all STAR TREK should be together, which would move it to #2. DOCTOR WHO is still #1. I knew it when I worked on it in 1982 and I still know it now – even though we were better then ;-).

  3. SCTV.

  4. Looks good to me.

  5. The Prisoner.
    The original with Patrick McGoohan, not that abomination that aired recently, either.

  6. Twin Peaks.

  7. Many entertainment critics think the Buffy spinoff, Angel, came to surpass it’s parent show in later seasons. Why wasn’t Angel at least a mention in this list?

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