Missouri TV Stations May Be Hurt by Akin ‘Legitimate Rape’ Controversy

Aug 22, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Missouri television stations stand to lose a lot of advertising dollars in the controversy over Rep. Todd Akin’s remarks that women should be able to prevent pregnancy in cases of "legitimate rape," reports MediaPost.com.

Missouri stations, including stations owned by leading groups such as Gannett and Belo, were expecting a hotly contested Senate race, according to the story.

But now the Republican Party is urging Akin to end his campaign, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee has said it won’t spend money on his behalf, the piece notes. The Crossroads GPS super PAC, backed by Karl Rove, plans to stop airing ads attacking incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill, according to the story.

"If Akin has little outside support and struggles to fund-raise on his own, he could be a scant presence on the air. As of July 18, the Center for Responsive Politics indicated Akin had only about $530,000 in cash on hand, while McCaskill had $3.5 million," the article notes.

"As far as politics are concerned, it’s possible Missouri won’t be the Show Me The Money State that was expected in 2012."

Akin has reportedly prepared a commercial addressing the controversy, in which he apologizes for his rape remarks and says he “used the wrong words in the wrong way” and he has “a compassionate heart” for victims of sexual assault.

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