NBC Scraps ‘Revolution’ Preview Plan

Aug 6, 2012  •  Post A Comment

NBC scrapped plans to air a preview of its new fall drama "Revolution" on Saturday night, instead opting to air a shorter preview tonight, Monday, reports Deadline.com.

The network originally planned to air the six-minute preview of the J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke drama at 10:54 p.m. on Saturday, after Michael Phelps competed in a swimming race, the story notes.

Instead, a preview clocking in at 2:40 will air tonight during the Games, when NBC hopes the clip will get a bigger audience, the piece adds.

The report notes that Saturday’s prime-time coverage of the Olympics on NBC drew an average of 28 million total viewers, the lowest number so far during the London Games.


  1. What the Peacock Network SHOULD do is not air the preview during the Olympics and drop the series altogether.
    But their programming sense is in their mouth and we’ve seen for some years now how distasteful that has been in general, (with some specific exceptions).
    The late Mr. Tartikoff must be rolling in his grave.
    Peter Bright

  2. I disagree with you Mr. Bright. I think it’s important for a network to advertise their most anticipated show(s) for fall, during such events as the Olympics.
    I think it’s absolutely unprofessional and irrational to state they shouldn’t air a show, just simply because you’re not interested in the material. I for one am looking forward to Revolution and it’s conceptually retrospective exploration on humanity in terms of beliefs and/or political control in contrast to asking it’s viewers does it matter what kind of a world we live in? Does technology make it better or worse, or is this a moot point, or does technology continue to define us? I think the shows that make you think about your life, what it is and what it could be are the best ones.

  3. So, Ms. Becker, what is your executive position with REVOLUTION?
    I thought The Olympics were supposed to be about the Olympics…oh, I forgot, this is America 2012. EVERYTHING is about cross promotion…and we know NBC has to do every possible thing to save it’s commercial tush.
    Maybe some relevant, well thought out, creative productions would work…hmmm, you have to have creative executives to recognize such material, and we know by what they’ve bought in recent years there’s a major lack of them at 30 Rock.

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