No Love Lost Between Joanie and Chachi Anymore

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Scott Baio and Erin Moran may have played sweethearts on the “Happy Days” spinoff “Joanie Loves Chachi,” but apparently there’s no love lost between the two actors these days.

While promoting his new Nick at Nite show “See Dad Run,” Baio said he has no plans to invite Moran, his financially strapped former co-star, to guest on the show, reports the New York Post.

Asked about Moran, who was evicted from her Hollywood home and is currently living in an Indiana trailer park, Baio said, “I feel bad, but sometimes you make your bed and you have to sleep in it. That is unfortunate. I have extended myself a couple of times and at a certain point you have to say, ‘You know what? I have got my own life to live. I am not going to worry about this.’”

Moran was recently part of a successful lawsuit that included “Happy Days” stars Donnie Most, Anson Williams and Marion Ross, along with Tom Bosley’s estate. Each of the stars were awarded $65,000 in royalties based on the use of their images in merchandising. Baio chose not to participate in that action. “I don’t like lawyers very much,” he told the Post. “That show was very good to me. Paramount was very good to me.”

Baio hinted that the tone of “See Dad Run, which bows Oct. 6, will be similar to that of his old sitcom “Charles in Charge.”

Update: Erin Moran was found dead at age 56 on April 22, 2017.


  1. “I don’t like lawyers very much,” — Bob Loblaw

  2. Great, more blah, blah, blah about Bob Loblaw…

  3. You know, as he said, that show & studio was pretty good to him. And he’s had a reasonably lucrative career so he probably didn’t feel he really needed to take part in the lawsuit. Imagine that – somebody who doesn’t want to be over litigious and getting crap for it because that’s what the court system is supposed to be, a freaking ATM or winning lottery ticket for every little reason you can think of. I don’t much like lawyers, either, for a lot of that reason. Save the ‘Loblaw’ comments – don’t even know what that meme is all about and don’t care.
    As for Moran, if she hadn’t been nuts and alleged that everyone with a penis molested her during the production of the series and maybe also had some acting talent, her former cast members might reach out to her a little more. I think Baio has been more than diplomatic towards a former co-worker he hasn’t worked with in over 20 years. How many co-workers from over 20 years ago call YOU expecting some kind of hand out? And if that does happen, and you DO provide, can I have your number? 😉

  4. Erin Moran sadly did fall on hard times but Scott Baio was wrong not to help his former Co star out. Alas that is what happens when you mix a republican (Baio) with a democrat (Moran). Like it or loathe it politics does cone into it. Shame I grew up on Happy Days and the 3 spin offs. Laverne and Shirley,Joanne loves Chachi and Mork and Mindy

    • How in the world did you bring politics into this, Angie? Nutcase.

    • Really? Politics? Come on… had nothing to do with it. I hate when people think politics drive ever decision. Thanks for seeing the light Ken.

  5. I’m sure Baio and Moran’s respective political affiliation had less or nothing to do with his brush off of her. Everything I’ve read about Moran, since she left the show has shown her to be a nut job. Like most sane people, I’m sure Baio doesn’t mind helping someone who helps themselves but doesn’t want to help those who are continually dysfunctional. Helping the dysfunctional has another name: enabling.

  6. “Nut job, continually dysfunctional”…what sort if society do we live in and what gives people the right to comment on and make assumptions about people rhey dont know? Would you say the same.if ut was your relative or child? You have no idea about Ms Morans life except whats published in the media (and THATS a credible source!) No wonder this world is so screwed up….let more Henry Winklers in and less Scott Baios…a documented womaniser who openly admits he is a commitment phobe….hed a screw up as well but its ok cause hed a man….please!?

  7. After I was pulled out of high school by my mother in 78, I was way too busy trying to live with her decision. I had no time for TV nor all that horrid rumors that languish
    in Hollywood. So, I missed out in all the lives of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and some of the 90’s. I do remember a little of the reunion that Happy Days had and done odd rumor about Erin. I’m not sure because I only heard bits and pieces. Was she head over heels in love with Scott Baio? Did she have some breakdown because he didn’t love her back? And yes, we are alwayse interested in our various artist acting just like humans. I give them all koodos because they are forced to be more than human even Super Human. That’s not good. It’s not a healthy way to live. Erin Moran falls under the old Boys club of, ” All women over 30 are too old to be on the screen.” Not fair. I hope she does better but, only for herself.. She can’t continue to live up to the fans expectations, they are too unreasonable.

  8. Wow, really? Anyone that cannot see how Baio truly is must not be seeing the same person I have seen since he was a kid! Not wanting to commit because he couldn’t understand how anyone could be together for half a century like his parents. He even said he couldn’t stand being around himself for more than for hours and even admitted he messed things up with Heather .. As far as Erin goes I will agree she speaks out of both ends and has said some outrages claims about those on Happy Days and then is kissing up to them in her next breath. As far as “Angie” who just posted also I have to say you are wrong there were only two great spinoffs from Happy Days … “Laverne and Shirley” and the amazing “Mork and Minday”.. Sorry Joanie loves butthead didn’t fly and Erin blames Magnum PI for it’s failure!… That’s all ?

  9. Baio is a tool. So is Bob Loblaw.

  10. It is common knowledge Scott and Erin were an item. There not just “former co workers”

  11. Scott Baio is right wing nut and all but he said that he extended himself a couple of times. Did she not accept his help offer? They were more than co-stars.

    I would tell Baio to extend his hands a few times. Erin seems to be in a very hard place.

  12. RIP Erin. You brought happiness to many.

  13. She doesn’t need a hand out from Scott bio anymore rest in peace you’re a sweetheart

  14. Bless her heart she won’t be asking Scott for money anymore hope he can live with this now !!! Way to go Scott ?

  15. He gave her such a hard time ? May you rest in Gods hands !!!


  17. There is a little thing in life called responsibility…for your words AND your actions. Erin Moran had sole responsibility to become whatever she wanted to be and it appears she made the wrong choices more than once. She had only herself to blame for her choices…not Scott, not cast members, directors or producers….just herself. We ALL have a sad story!!! It’s how we react to it that defines our character. I pray she rests in peace.

    • ?

  18. Yeah I see a bit of politics here. Republicans in power seem to think mental illness is not an important subject. There is little doubt that Erin suffered from mental illness and Scott chose to make mean remarks rather than stating that he was sorry to see someone suffer from from alcoholism and drug addiction which the entertainment media suggests. The Republican congress looks to defund reasearch at NIH that deals with mental illness. They have already struck down the law which prohibits the mentally ill from buying guns. These are not things I made up check e facts. I for one am so very sorry that she could not get the help she needed, the sad part is that alcoholics, those drug addicted and the mentally ill can not be saved by anyone but themselves but help to get someone into a program which can cost a great deal of money is a show of compassion. They may not always make it and many do not but there are those who do just because someone stepped in to at least give them a chance. The most important piece of all this is compassion and understanding, judging these people and nasty remarks is not compassion.

  19. Are you people serious? She had drug and alcohol issues many years ago. The article said he tried to help her. If she chose to stay addicted – how is that his fault? Where were the other co-stars? Where was her family? Friends? Where the hell were all the people now bitching about this – it was like a hundred years ago. I grew up with addicts. We were all dems and it didn’t make a difference, I was the only one that managed to stay sobber

  20. He did try to help her several times but she kept going back to drugs. You can’t help an addict if he or she chooses to continue to use. Her family benefited from her earnings throughout her childhood – they owed her for eternity. The burden of supporting five siblings and two parents is far too heavy for a kid, especially when just a percentage remains when the kid’s career comes to a halt.

  21. OMG so your saying Angie its a political thing? Angie I agree with ken and the others. Morans a nutcase and shes broke due to alleged drug abuse and was known to be particularly difficult to work with. Not to mention she had very little talent. Its not Scott Baios job to finance Moran. Sure he couldve thrown some cash her way but if he did shed keep asking. She made her bed…hit the bricks and find work.

  22. With friends like Scott who needs enemies. Heartless son of a *****!

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