Bishop Desmond Tutu and Other Nobel Peace Laureates Condemn New NBC Show, Call on Network to Cancel It

Aug 14, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Nine Nobel Peace Prize laureates have joined forces to condemn a new NBC show, The Guardian reports. The show is the reality competition "Stars Earn Stripes."

The group wrote in an open letter that the show glorifies war and armed violence, the story reports. The laureates, who include Archbishop Desmond Tutu and American anti-landmine campaigner Jody Williams, want NBC to cancel the show.

The series matches celebrities including Olympic skiing gold medalist Picabo Street and "Lois & Clark" actor Dean Cain with U.S. military personnel in simulated military challenges. The show debuted Monday and is hosted by retired Army general Wesley Clark.

The Nobel laureates sent the letter Monday to Clark, NBC Entertainment chief Robert Greenblatt, producer Mark Burnett and others working on the show, the story notes.

The letter criticizes the show for paying "homage to no one anywhere" and condemns it for "trying to somehow sanitize war by likening it to an athletic competition," the story notes.


  1. There are no stars on this show. There are only has-been and never-were narcissists.

  2. As smart as these guys are they don’t understand that lowest common denominator TV equals larger audiences of ignorant sheep willing to flock to the products advertised. Cash my friends, it’s all about the cash human decency does not come into play here.

  3. In the entire recorded history of the human race there has always been a war somewhere in the world. For whatever reason, (greed or religion or land or natural resources or whatever) the human race has waged war continually, somewhere, on this planet. Today there are multiple wars being fought. I do not see this ever changing. It is a sad, but true, commentary on the human race.

  4. The best publicity the show could get.

  5. These same people would also complain if the show was nothing but a dinner honoring Medal of Honor winners.

  6. Want to step outside and say that? Sorry, a bad joke. I agree with you that it is sad that the human races most common trait is to wage war on other humans.

  7. I hear the original title was “Has-Beens Earn Hash-Marks”

  8. Another race to the bottom…Why is it that so many like to watch people needlessly risk their lives so we can be entertained?

  9. And it will earn exactly 4 more viewers due to this “pub.”

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