‘Sesame Street’ Casting for New Character — With Some Specific Requirements

Aug 9, 2012  •  Post A Comment

"Sesame Street" is casting a new character — but only a certain type will fit the bill: The show is looking for a Latino actress or actor who is bilingual and between 18 and 25 years old, reports the Associated Press.

The show’s producers are holding an open casting call Aug. 20 in Manhattan’s Roseland Ballroom to cast the recurring character.

"We hope many people show up. We know the Latino community is full of talented people," said Rocio Galarza, senior director of content planning, design and outreach for Sesame Workshop,

"Sesame Street" debuted Hispanic characters early on, with Maria, played by Sonia Manzano, and Luis, played by Emilio Delgado, debuting in 1971. Rosita, a muppet, debuted in 1993.

The show wants an actor or actress who can sing and improvise in English and Spanish, and who also has a good sense of humor, the story adds.


  1. “The show is looking for a Latino actress or actor… Sounds like blatent racial discrimination to me. Isn’t this illegal?

  2. They are casting. A latino cast member is the requirement. They have the right to look for a certain type of character and cast only people who meet that requirement.
    What is discrimination about this?

  3. Just like when Bill Cosby hired all those black people to play his family! CALL THE COPS!!! I really hope you were kidding. Most acting roles are looking for a character, they are looking for a Hispanic character. If a 23 year old white guy wants to try out for the elderly African-American grandmother, I’m sure he can but probably won’t get the part.

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