Top Broadcasters Plan to Skip Ann Romney’s Address at the GOP Convention

Aug 23, 2012  •  Post A Comment

The top broadcasters say they will skip Ann Romney’s address at the Republican National Convention at 10:30 p.m. Monday, opting instead to air scripted programming — including reruns in some cases, reports The New York Times.

CBS will air a repeat of "Hawaii Five-0," while NBC will broadcast a new episode of "Grimm." ABC will air "Castle."

"The networks, which reap considerable advertising dollars even from summer reruns, have told the Romney campaign that they will broadcast an hour of convention coverage on the final three nights — but no more," The Times notes.

Mitt Romney’s advisers are angry at the decision, the story adds. The campaign is considering moving Ann Romney’s speech to another night, although a decision hasn’t yet been made.

Part of the problem is this election cycle’s conventions "seem to lack the possibility of any electrifying moments" for the networks, the article notes.

"Add to that the overwhelming sense that the country is in a funk and that the presidential campaign cannot seem to rise above petty insults and blatant distortions, and there is a feeling at many of the news networks that Americans would rather be hearing about something — anything — else," The Times notes.


  1. Lets see what they do at the Dem’s Convention. THEN I will make my choice if I ever watch those networks again. Ridiculous that this is even a story when we are facing a frightening time in our country. SMH

  2. The networks have said they are cutting back the days for both the Republican and Democratic conventions. If Mitt wants her seen, have her speak on the nights the networks said they will broadcast. Of course it is easier and more fun to just blame liberal bias.

  3. Mike C – Relax. There will be plenty of news channels that will be providing heavy coverage of the conventions, including your obvious favorite, Fox News.
    But why blame the three broadcast networks? There is NOTHING to be decided at these conventions, and they are a total anachronism. Do we still need these expensive, loud celebrations of internal party dynamics when the nominations are sewed up months earlier?
    And if national party conventions are so important, why is there absolutely no interest in a party’s statewide convention?

  4. These conventions are just one more example of the bloated, self-indulgent egos of these politicians. Until a true flat tax is implemented and ALL deductions are eliminated,there is no real chance of the country moving forward and solving its debt crisis.

  5. Writer Guy you couldn’t be more correct. The money spent here (and on all adds on both sides)could actually used for some good in this country. Pick a charity or a food bank and quit spending this money to pump up your already ridiculuosly oversized egos.

  6. Someone’s tin foil hat needs to be adjusted. Methinks it’s a bit too tight and cutting off circulation to the brain.
    And, as has been pointed out, there are several cable news alternatives to the broadcast nets that will be covering every bit of drivel to come out of both parties’ conventions.

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