Video: Rant Against Bob Costas by Dan Hicken, Sports Director of Gannett’s WTLV, the NBC Affiliate in Jacksonville, FL. Recorded Live During the Station’s First Coast News Broadcast

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  1. Time for this sportscaster to be demoted to Johnson City, TN (one of the smallest markets in the US)

  2. Jacksonville is such a backwater burg, who cares what an overfed former jock has to say about anything?
    Zip the lip, take a hike.

  3. Think this clown will ever make it to the network? Um, career over. You don’t screw around with probably one of the more visible sports announcers in television history. If Bob Costas wants to go past the clock by seven minutes, this backwater sports announcer should just sit there and be ready to do his job. It’s the Olympics buddy. The Olympics. And if you can’t put in a couple of extra minutes of your time for network coverage of the Olympics which happens every two years then you should take a job at McDonalds. They pay overtime.
    Next time people complain about talent on local TV just watch this video.

  4. I worked in Jacksonville for many years and we all knew Dan was not the shrpest tool in the box.

  5. Can we say “early retirement” might be in order for this clearly over stressed, not clear thinking mind of a reporter!
    Maybe a long break away from the lights in his eyes so he could better see/ understand the concept of USA national pride that 300 million Americans don’t mind listening to And will wait to watch even if a brodcast goes over 8 minuets long!
    Personally I would rather learn more about our national heroes and their acomplishments on behalf of our country, than to listen to the rantings of a guy who is way past retirement!
    His rant clearly shows he is more concerned about his time in the “limelight” than for what We, as Americans hold dear, as Our national pride in the acomplishments of the best of what we as Americans have to offer our nation! Pride, respect, and dignity in our top performing athletes!

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