ABC Developing Soap From Producer Mark Gordon and ‘Make It or Break It’ Creator

Sep 26, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Producer Mark Gordon and "Make It or Break It" creator Holly Sorensen have sold a female-focused soap to ABC, reports Deadline.com.

The story is based on an idea from Sorensen and her friend, the Irish actress Victoria Smurfit, the story says. The untitled drama tracks three women who create a product with a secret, which allows them to break into the beauty industry.

Mark Gordon Co. and ABC Studios will produce, with Gordon, Nick Pepper and Sorensen executive producing. Mark Gordon Co. has six series on TV, including "Grey’s Anatomy" and "Army Wives."


  1. How to make liquid soap

  2. why make a new soap when us fans are awaiting the return of one life to live and all my children??

  3. Are they serious?? Now I
    Really pissed. Bring back OLTL and AMC. Already. Unbelievable!!

  4. Your kidding. ABCD get this into your greedy, money hungry ,lying self sabotaging, 1% corporate devil self….no All My Children & One Life to Live means NO prime time!! We will keep boycotting you until you finally get it right that WE deserve a heck of a lot more respect from you than you are willing to show us. Ps..I do NOT purchase Disney or Pixar either…

  5. I don’t want any new crap from ABC. I want my soaps that I watched for decades brought back. Gee, develop something to break into the beauty business; ever hear of Fusion? Give me a break and get a clue!

  6. We don’t want a new soap, we want One Life to Live and All my Children back!

  7. Bring back OLTL!

  8. The problem here is that series borrow the “soap” moniker liberally. While understood, we daytimers know the difference. So, sorry ABC, unless it’s AMC OR OLTL, we won’t be watching…

  9. no new soaps till they bring back one life to live and all my children

  10. I don’t want some new soap! I want ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE! Why can’t ABC just give me that? I’m not watching one darn thing on the entire ABC network except GH as it is, so they can develop crap til the cows come home, and I will not watch. I want AMC & OLTL.

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