‘American Pickers’ Star Sells Comedy to CBS

Sep 6, 2012  •  Post A Comment

One of the stars of History’s hit reality series "American Pickers" is venturing into scripted programming, Deadline.com reports. Mike Wolfe, the creator and star of “Pickers,” has sold a workplace comedy project to CBS, the story reports.

Set in an antiques and collectibles shop, it’s the story of a 20-something guy who decides to set off around the country searching for items to sell in the shop.

In other words, it’s similar to Wolfe’s experience on "American Pickers." Fred Savage ("Wonder Years") will be directing the pilot and Tom Brady will pen the script.

Wolfe said: “The story is based on my life as a picker, sure, but its appeal is that it’s really about everybody who ever looked for a treasure at a yard sale, bought a lottery ticket, rented a metal detector for a day at the beach or just found a curious old thing and wondered where it came from and if it was worth anything. That’s just about everybody I know.”

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  1. Obnoxious show, obnoxious hosts and now a “comedy” from this clown? Surely the world of TV is hit its nadir, with Boo-Boo the bimbo, the two sisters with one head and all those other so-called “reality” mistakes that make up a large part of the TV schedule. Abominable.

  2. oh shut up you obnoxious troll.

  3. Apparently Josh appreciates the finer elements of television like oh… Jersey Shore maybe? This is a wonderful show with a couple of down to earth people (or at least who plays them on TV) who are engaging and pretty good on camera. So zip it, jealous Josh! Or make your own show… about trolls maybe???

  4. Would like to see more of the product you buy not so much u. Like watching the show! All of you are fun. I think the show is about the treasure you find, for me. What fun you much be having!

  5. I wonder what ever happened to this sitcom show? Did it fail? Was it delayed? Been a Long Time!

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