Did NBC Blow It With Ann Curry and ‘Today’? Ratings Tell the Story

Sep 18, 2012  •  Post A Comment

About three months after NBC’s morning program "Today" pushed out co-host Ann Curry — a move that was apparently designed to recharge ratings for the show — the program is dropping even further in the ratings, reports the New York Post.

With Savannah Guthrie taking over Curry’s co-host role, the morning program is about to lose its third week in a row to ABC’s "Good Morning America," both in total viewers and in the key news demo of viewers 25 to 54 years old, according to the piece.

Ratings for "Today" have slumped 7% this summer, even including a two-week boost from the Olympics.

With Curry in the lineup the show averaged 4.94 million total viewers and 2.1 million viewers 25 to 54 during the 10 weeks before her departure. The show dropped to 4.6 million total viewers and 1.9 million in the demographic during the 10 weeks following her ouster, the story notes.

"Good Morning America," meanwhile, attracted 4.7 million total viewers during the 10-week period ended Sept. 9, although it has lagged with an average of 1.75 million viewers 25 to 54.

"Today" is still maintaining an advertising premium, although that could change, according to ad buyers, the piece notes.

ABC is nearing agreements with first lady Michelle Obama and Ann Romney, who aspires to replace the first lady in the White House, to fill in for popular “GMA” co-host Robin Roberts, who is on medical leave, according to the story.


  1. You blew it NBC. Ann Curry was a fantastic asset and you tossed her away like yesterday’s trash. Act in haste and regret in leisure.

  2. NBC COMPLETELY blew it. Regardless of whether you like Ann Curry or not, the decision-making was awful. What was the need to rush to install a new co-host before the Olympics?! Today’s ratings were going to be great during the Olympics no matter what! The show could have done what Regis and Kelly did: try out numerous hosts over the course of a year and see who the viewers liked and wanted. That would have created enormous publicity and build-up, and created a built in audience for whoever won out. Really poor thought process by NBC and Today.

  3. NBC seems to fogot that sex sells. I know many guys who use to wake up each morning to see what the ladies on the Today show were wearing. Seeing Amy Robach in her short skirts, high heels and sexy stockings is a thing of the past, same goes for Ann who would spice it up from time to time. Even Merideth would spice it up from time to time.
    Now it appears that Matt controls the show, ever notice that when Matt is there Savanah can not wear heels over an inch high because Matt does not want her to be taller then him? When Matts not there out come the 5 inch heels.
    The only sex appeal Today has left is NatMo, and she gets hidden behind everything.
    NBC execs need to remember sex sells.
    Maybe its time for Matt to go, each time I tune in now and see Matt I think of Mr Burns of the Simpsons because thats is what he is looking like and acting like lately.
    I don’t think Savanah is right for the Job, while at times she looks bubbly and happy other times she looks like shes about to snap and turn into an instant bitch.
    Get rid of the Todays experts segments, nobody wants to wake up and see Star Jones and Dr. Nancy scolding us giving us their opinions when we wake up.
    Bring back the happy perky today show, and again rememeber sex sells.

  4. NBC did blow it! I used to watch the Today show all the time. Ann Curry was one reason why I tuned in every morning. Since her departure, I now have started tuning into Good Morning America. Ann and Al definitely had chemistry. Miss you Ann.

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