Did Rachael Ray Order Ritual to Drive Away Evil Spirits Before Taking Over Martha Stewart’s Former Studio?

Sep 11, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart have denied being in a feud over the years, and now Ray is denying a report that she ordered her staff to burn sage to drive evil spirits out of her new studio — which was previously occupied by Stewart, the New York Post reports.

An anonymous source told the publication that Ray ordered the ritualistic sage burning before moving into the studio on West 26th Street in New York over the summer. But Ray says no way.

“There was never an exorcism,” Ray told the publication, adding (in a mock announcer’s voice): “No sage was burned in the making of this studio.”

Ray said she made the move from her old studio two miles away, in part to facilitate the shift to hi-def. “We wanted to go HD, and it would have cost so much at the place we were in that it made sense to move,” she said.

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