NBC Orders Two More Cycles of ‘The Voice’

Sep 26, 2012  •  Post A Comment

"The Voice" will continue to be heard for a while. The singing competition will remain on NBC for at least two more cycles, reports the Los Angeles Times’ Show Tracker.

The show received an order for a fourth and fifth cycle from the network, to debut in spring and fall 2013.

Currently in its third season, the series is drawing strong ratings and is one of NBC’s most popular shows, the story notes.

In a statement, NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt said: "This pickup will assure the many dedicated ‘Voice’ fans that this innovative show will continue to bring some of the most talented new voices to the world’s attention through all of next year.”


  1. From a Voice Fan,
    What’s up this season with all the bad language from the talented and gracious Blake Shelton of Country Music fame? Doesn’t do the contestants, the show, the fans or Mr. Shelton justice?
    Just some feedback from a true fan

  2. This season-I really DO NOT like the choice of foul language (i know its not so severe as to have the network bleep them, but enough to make me cringe that my kids heard them from one of their idols, Blake Shelton! now i love Blake, and I’m sure he does not mean to offend, but the show doesn’t need that for ratings…it’s perfect just the way it is. Also,I vote for the Voice Execs listening to their judges,and please go to once a year instead of twice a year seasons so all the judges can continue on the Voice!
    Why mess with something that is obviously working?? The show will most certainly lose the uncanny “magical chemistry” without ALL 4 current judges! I worry the Voice will go same way as all the other reality talent competition shows once they start changing the judges!!!
    Oh please, please, please MARK BURNETT think about this! And I beg you NOT to let ADAM LEVINE go!!! He is heavenly to watch and sooooo down to earth…not to mention yummy! Haha jj
    But please also stop the bad language this season Blake! You were perfect without the foul language! I’m sure you don’t mean it…you are so genuine & kind…one of the most down to earth celebrities of pur times. so please i beg you to just work on it!
    A Voice Fan

  3. Oops-I meant to reply to comments from Buzz Lightyear below –
    I couldn’t of verbalized my own feelings more precisely than you managed to do. My family is in the same agreement as far as the totally unnecessary choice of words during Blake’s critiques. As you said so eloquently above, Blake seems like an affable and well meaning guy, and he certainly doesn’t serve as the role model he was in seasons past due to that fact. Still a huge fan of the venerable Blake Shelton. We all have our little idiosyncrasies for sure! Love the show, the format & all four judges
    p.s. I VOTE TO KEEP ALL 4 ORIGINAL JUDGES! Change to once a year format to allow them to choose to stay put!!!

  4. NBC is so desperate for a hit that they are going to run this show into the ground faster than most.

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