NBC Working on Crime Drama Featuring Inventor Thomas Edison

Sep 26, 2012  •  Post A Comment

NBC is working on a crime drama featuring one of history’s greatest inventors, Thomas Edison, reports Deadline.com.

The drama, called "Edison," comes from Sony Pictures TV and Mark Johnson’s Gran Via Productions. John Shiban, a producer on "Breaking Bad," is overseeing the script.

Set in 1880s Manhattan, "Edison" features the inventor — who is already famous at the time — as he works as an undercover consultant to the New York City Police Department. Edison taps into his instincts and devices to help decipher crime scenes, the story says.


  1. Sounds almost as good as Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter… And will probably do as well, too.

  2. Edison wasn’t one of history’s greatest inventors…it was Nikola Tesla.

  3. Tesla was one of history’s greatest inventors, if not the greatest. Science history treated him very poorly… but that is changing.
    However, that’s no cause to be revisionist about Edison.

  4. Interesting trend, what with the Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn as detectives in Steampunk New Orleans also announced as a project at ABC. I hate to say that these intriguing ideas are probably doomed because Americans don’t seem to have the requisite imagination and whimsy, but bravo to the nets who are trying to do something a little different.

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