Nintendo, With Its Original Wii, Set Records in the Gaming Industry. But Is Nintendo’s Upcoming Wii U Game Console Destined to Crash and Burn?

Sep 13, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Will Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U game console be a success or not? Benzinga’s Louis Bedigian writes, "Instead of coming to the market with a strategy that mirrored the original Wii, Nintendo baffled and disappointed [game trade] show E3 attendees, turned off consumers, and created a lack of interest from the mainstream media."

The article continues, noting that a gaming industry "PR veteran told GamesIndustry.biz, ‘The biggest issue Nintendo has is the lack of anticipation or confidence. They have not created enough excitement and confidence among both consumers and developers, nor has their quiet given people the sense that a delightful surprise awaits.’

"The PR veteran went on to say that there seems to be a cloud of ‘concern’ hanging above Nintendo. ‘They did not do a great job after E3 of bridging toward the fall,’ he said. ‘If they want this press conference to succeed, making people believe that there will be a surprise or proof of a big flagship title may help. Highlighting their focus on third-party or any other innovations would also help.’ "

The article concludes, "To transform Wii U into a successful console, Nintendo must rise above its own disjointed strategy and release games that people actually want to buy. With only a couple of months until the console is scheduled to be released, it is unlikely that Nintendo can accomplish this goal.

"It is wholly possible that Nintendo will start its Wii U press event with some stellar new games. But even if it does, odds are those games will not come out this year.

"In other words, Nintendo cannot win. The company has put itself in a horrible position. If the company is smart, it will cut its losses and start preparing for its next gaming device to ensure this does not happen again."

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