Report: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actor Was ‘Out of Control’; Also: His Scientology Connections

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Details continue to emerge about how “Sons of Anarchy” actor Johnny Lewis spun out of control before killing his 81-year-old landlady this week and then falling to his own death.

The New York Daily News reports that Lewis had struggled with drugs and mental health problems, spending time in jail and in a Scientology rehab program before the gruesome events of early Wednesday, in which the 28-year-old actor also killed and dismembered the cat belonging to Catherine Davis, his landlady.

“Lewis went through the Church of Scientology’s drug program, Narconon, in 2004, and spoke publicly about the method. A photo of Lewis at a Narconon event was posted on the programs website until late Thursday, when it was removed,” the story reports. “Lewis’ parents are active members of the controversial church, and his father co-wrote a movie with founder L. Ron Hubbard, according to IMDb.”

Lewis was known for his role as Kip “Half Sack” Epps on the FX biker drama “Sons of Anarchy,” and also appeared on “The O.C.” and a number of other shows. But “his life had steadily unraveled over the past 10 months as he struggled with drug and mental-health issues, according to court documents and Los Angeles probation officers,” the story reports.

Things came to a head Wednesday at Lewis’ home in Los Feliz, Calif., when he apparently beat Davis to death and tangled with neighbors before falling to his death, as reported previously.

“The former paramour of singer Katy Perry had been arrested three times in 2012 and was only five days out of jail before the bizarre and violent rampage in Los Angeles on Wednesday,” the Daily News reports.

"Probation officials had warned Lewis’ behavior was growing increasingly erratic in recent months, even as the actor continued to land movie roles," the report adds.

Authorities reportedly suspect Lewis may have been on a new synthetic drug known as Smiles.

“Lewis was renting a room from Davis, who owned a sprawling hillside home that she advertised as a ‘villa’ for actors and writers. On Wednesday morning the troubled actor smashed into Davis’ living quarters, ransacking furniture and bludgeoning the elderly woman to death, police said. She was also strangled and her cat dismembered,” the story reports.

“Lewis then attacked a neighbor and a house painter — bashing them with a two-by-four and a paint roller — before climbing to the roof and falling to his death.”

The cause of death has yet to be determined, with authorities awaiting the results of toxicology tests, according to the L.A. County Coroner’s Office.

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  1. couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, glad his genes have been eliminated from the cesspool

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