Report: With Ratings Problems, Comcast’s NBC Considers Cuts at ‘Today’ Show to Keep Up Show’s Profit Margins

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"Staffers at NBC’s struggling ‘Today’ show are bracing for possible cutbacks and layoffs, and wondering whether Matt Lauer will give up any of his $25 million annual salary to save jobs there, sources tell Page Six," reports the New York Post.

The story says, "[S]ources tell Page Six that NBC parent Comcast is looking at ‘Today’ with a close eye on the bottom line amid its ratings woes."

The story adds, "[T]he show has been losing ground to arch-rival ‘Good Morning America.’ A source told us, ‘Comcast has been looking at every one of its shows. The ‘Today’ staff has been warned that cuts could be coming, and the question there is, if they start dumping people, will Matt Lauer take a cut the way Jay Leno did?’

"Another source said, ‘It will be the little people who go first — the makeup people, writers, but these people have families, and it will put pressure on Matt to do the right thing.’ ”

The report continues, "A rep for ‘Today’ insisted, ‘There will be absolutely no staff cuts at the "Today" show.’ "


  1. Ironically, its the little people that Comcast is thinking of laying off first —are the ones making the LEAST money.
    How many people would Comcast have to lay off to make a significant dent in their PROFIT MARGIN DEFICIT? (They are still making money, just not what they thought they would) Meanwhile, Matt Lauer (one person) will be still be making $25 million annual salary.
    This is a perfect example of what is wrong with the current employment situation in America today.

  2. This is what’s wrong with America these days; nothing is more important than the Profit Margin. The product and the customers (or the show and its viewers) can all go straight to hell, so long as the profit margin stays high.
    When a product becomes cheap and crappy due to cutbacks, how long will it be before everyone bails on it and the profit margin shrinks to zero? You can’t “cut your way to success” in the long term.

  3. “A rep for ‘Today’ insisted, ‘There will be absolutely no staff cuts at the “Today” show.’ ”
    Translation: there will be cuts coming at the Today Show

  4. Well, Mr. David and Mr. Scott, how uncorporate of you to state such vile, anti-american sentiments!
    Have you no sense of CEO America 2012?
    Remember “let them eat cake”? Today, it’s “let them eat nothing”!
    Short-sightedness is not only the creed of CEO America, it is the only sight allowed.
    The CEO’s, for the most part, and the politicians, for the most part, must be separated from their positions in the interest of there being an America with a Middle Class up off its hand and knees in the next decade.
    Peter Bright

  5. Oh Peter, you wound me…
    Oh, wait, you’re being facetious. What do you know; we both agree!

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