Fun Trivia: This Past Weekend the 500,000th Error in Major League Baseball History Was Made By (a) Starlin Castro, (b) Jose Reyes, (c) Mark Reynolds or (d) TVWeek

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Yes, we certainly make our share of gaffes here at TVWeek, but we did not commit Major League Baseball’s 500,000th error.

"As baseball approached its unofficial 500,000th error, one thing was clear: It would most likely be made by a shortstop, the position most closely associated with the statistic," writes Benjamin Hoffman, in an article in The New York TImes published today, Sept. 17, 2012. Hoffman continues, "That it was Jose Reyes who reached the dubious milestone for baseball somehow seemed appropriate then.

"On Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012, in the Miami Marlins’ victory over the playoff-bound Cincinnati Reds, Reyes made history on a simple ground ball by Drew Stubbs, flubbing a play he had made successfully thousands of times."

Hoffman adds later in his piece, "The march to 500,000 errors, while entertaining, was hardly official. On a countdown page created by sports-reference.com, Sean Forman, the site’s founder, began the post by saying, ‘This is utterly random, completely meaningless and less than 100 percent accurate, but earlier this summer I noticed that M.L.B. was nearing 500,000 errors since 1876.’ Clearly anticipating some backlash, Forman added, in bold, ‘So always remember this milestone is for fun and is accurate to the best of our ability, but in no way 100 percent accurate.’ "

Starlin Castro of the Chicago Cubs led the National League in errors last year with 29, and has a league-leading toal of 25 so far this year.

Mark Reynolds, who was the National League leader in errors in 2008 and 2009, is now in the American League, and won the 2011 most errors crown in the AL with 31 mistakes.

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