Another Viacom Network Is in Trouble in Ratings, Analyst Warns

Oct 11, 2012  •  Post A Comment

On the heels of a well-documented ratings struggle for Viacom’s Nickelodeon cable network, another Viacom-owned cable channel appears to be in trouble in the ratings.

Citing a report from Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. analyst Todd Juenger, Joe Flint reports in the Los Angeles Times that MTV has a serious ratings issue on its hands. The network’s ratings declined 43% in the third quarter when compared with a year earlier, the story notes.

With the high-rated reality series "Jersey Shore" coming to a close, finding replacement programs may prove a challenge.

"We believe MTV is in for a very tough year," Juenger said. He added that he foresees more double-digit declines for the cable network.

The plunge comes after Viacom’s children’s network Nickelodeon has been dealing with a high-profile decline in ratings. Other Viacom networks also had a challenging third quarter, with Spike, Comedy Central and BET all down 13%, the piece notes. The only Viacom network to buck the trend was VH1, where ratings rose 5%.



  2. Death to MTV and all other channels whose name has nothing to do with it’s content! Why if the broadcasters (all 5 owners of most all cable channels) were to drop the channels that were a complete compilation of crap, they could actually air there quality channels in UNCOMPRESSED high definition.
    Wise up guys, no one with an IQ above a turnip watches that bandwidth filler anyway.
    WISE UP!

  3. While I agree with you that the “M” in MTV is now irrelevant, no provider (cable or satellite) is ever going to give you UNCOMPRESSED HD, at least not for a long time. More bandwidth to the provider does not necessarily mean more bandwidth to the customer – they are two completely separate spaces.
    I also disagree with your use of “it’s”. There’s not supposed to be an apostrophe in there. Wise up your grammar skills!

  4. Seriously? You two are talking about UNCOMPRESSED HD? The whole article is about how terrible Viacom owned networks are and how they have not one shred of worthwhile programming. Nickelodeon cannot come up with any original programming that they have to reboot a worn out Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise or they keep on shows that have worn out their welcome like, ICarly. Cartoon Network and Disney Channel continue to impress with great ideas, new shows and obvious top ratings. Yeah.. It’s all about the Uncompressed HD the ratngs will just skyrocket from there. Oh brother..

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