Discovery Channel, This Time It’s Personal. Lance Armstrong Took Your Brand and Pissed on It in Front of the Whole World. Doesn’t This Bother You?

Oct 18, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Click here to read why TVWeek Open Mic blogger Chuck Ross is stunned that the Discovery Channel has been silent about the seemingly overwhelming evidence that Lance Armstrong cheated to win his Tour de France championships and lied about his cheating to boot.


  1. ok Chuck, we get it! You don’t like Lance Armstrong and want everyone ever associated with him, or who admired him, to slap him down. But drugs or not, much of what he did was good. the Livestrong Foundation, as well as his personal fight against cancer inspired millions of people in their own, and their families’ fights with the deadly desease. There are many of us who will not let that part of the Armstrong legacy go. And still admire hime for that.

  2. Frankly, I find it hard to believe that almost everyone in those races weren’t doing the same thing as the Postal Service team and Lance still kicked their fannies. He was the number one cyclist in the world.

  3. Discovery got great promotional value in exchange for it’s sponsorship of Mr. Armstrong 4-7 years ago. As a business transaction, that all worked for both parties. Now with Lance imploding & that sponsorship long gone, Discovery wants everyone to forget about that relationship as nothing good can come from getting down in the PR gutter and blasting him.
    If I were Discovery, I’d keep saying “no comment.” Let the current sponsors take the heat. Maybe U.S. Postal, having used government monies, should have the last word.
    By the way, I liked your article a great deal.

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