Lindsay Lohan Accuses Congressional Staffer of Choking Her

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Actress Lindsay Lohan is living up to her reputation as a magnet for trouble. In just the past month or so, she has been arrested for allegedly leaving the scene of an auto accident, named as a suspect in the theft of valuables from a Hollywood Hills home, banned from the Chateau Marmont Hotel on L.A.’s Sunset Strip and hospitalized for stress-related lung problems.

Many of those problems have since been cleared up, but the actress was involved in yet another incident over the weekend. U.S. News & World Report says Lohan got into a scuffle Sunday with a man at a New York hotel and has accused the man — congressional staffer Christian LaBella — of choking her.

Police initially charged LaBella with misdemeanor assault in connection with the incident at the W Hotel Union Square in Manhattan, but that charge was quickly dropped, the story reports, because Lohan declined medical attention and did not appear to be seriously injured.

LaBella, 25, reportedly works for Illinois Republican Rep. John Shimkus.

The incident involved LaBella’s cellphone, which he was reportedly using to take photos of Lohan. “Police say Lohan took Christian LaBella’s cell phone so she could delete dozens of pictures and videos of her partying — and she claims he got physical with her trying to get it back,” the story reports.

LaBella, who met Lohan while she was partying that night at trendy clubs Double Seven and 1Oak, had apparently been emailing the photos to friends. After he wound up at Lohan’s hotel room along with other friends, Lohan reportedly became upset when she found the photos on his phone.

“LaBella demanded she return the phone, but Lohan balked — and told cops he threw her down on the bed and scratched her. At one point, the troubled actress locked herself in a bathroom. She finally ran out of the 15th-floor suite — where rooms top $500 a night — and scurried down several flights of stairs,” the story reports. Lohan was accompanied by celebrity booker Claus Hjelmbak.

On the way back up the stairs, Lohan and Hjelmbak again encountered LaBella, according to the report.

“She claimed that he choked her from behind and threw her to the floor before Hjelmbak yanked him away, cops said. Lohan pulled the fire alarm for help as he fled, police said,” according to the story. “Cops who responded spoke to Lohan and began looking for LaBella, who was trapped in the stairwell because the alarm had disabled the elevators.”

Lohan and LaBella have reportedly filed harassment complaints against each other.

The report adds: “Lohan’s spokesman Steve Honig said it was ‘very distressing and outrageous’ that assault charges against LaBella were dropped. ‘Lindsay was clearly assaulted, and I think there needs to be a consequence for that,’ Honig said.”

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  1. Think Britney will lend Lindsay her pink wig? Sounds like that’s the next step.

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