Lindsay Lohan Slates High-Profile Sit-Down TV Interview

Oct 15, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Lindsay Lohan will sit down for a high-profile one-on-one TV interview in the next few weeks, reports TMZ.com. The headline magnet has reportedly granted the interview to Barbara Walters.

Lohan has ben wary of sit-down interviews because she’s concerned about pointed questions, but she reportedly trusts Walters not to push too hard, the story says.

The interview will reportedly focus on the similarities between Lohan and Liz Taylor, whom Lohan is portraying in the Lifetime TV movie “Liz & Dick,” such as becoming a child star and dealing with addiction.

Lohan has had a series of encounters with law enforcement and other authorities in recent months, including being arrested for reportedly leaving the scene of an accident; accusing a congressional aide of choking her; and getting involved in a fracas with her mom that led to a 911 call and brought the police to the scene.

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  1. Lindsay is a very intelligent and talented woman, and she will do well in the interview. Her detractors are mostly wannabes who dream of being as successful as she.
    We still would like her to appear in the “Kill Her…Not Me” thriller/horror movie.
    Keith Warn, Ibex Productions

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