Not Quite the Same? Dish Rolls Out a Freebie for Subscribers Who Are Being Deprived of ‘The Walking Dead’

Oct 12, 2012  •  Post A Comment

With the third-season premiere of the AMC hit "The Walking Dead" slated for Oct. 14, subscribers to Dish Network — which dropped the network in June — are receiving a make-good of sorts from Dish: a free scary movie every day in October, reports Deadline.com.

Dish posted a message to subscribers on its Facebook page saying: ”DISH understands that ‘The Walking Dead’ on AMC is a very popular series. To show appreciation, customers will be provided ‘Tales of the Apocalypse,’ a free scary movie fest every day in the month of October. Starting at 8 PM ET on Blockbuster Studio, channel 102, ‘Walking Dead’ fans can enjoy these horror/science-fiction commercial free movies. Additional On Demand scary movies will also be available for only 10 cents each. Visit http://bit.ly/UooiDI for full details as well as the full list of scary movies.”

The list of scary movies includes “Night of the Living Dead,” "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," “Day of the Dead,” “Cyborg," "Re-Animator” and “Invaders From Mars.” Also included in the list, without explanation, is "Slash in Concert."


  1. I don’t see them offering “Dr. Tongue’s 3-D House of Stewardesses” or “Blood Sucking Monkeys From West Mifflin, PA” or any of the other great titles from “Count Floyd’s Monster Chiller Horror Theater” so what good is it???

  2. Not the same. Bring back the Walking Dead.

  3. I am amazed that anyone continues their Dish Subscription. They are always losing stations that most other people get through cable or DirecTv.

  4. This is the same tactic that Dish used with FOXSPORTS. Next it will be CCN then Disney. Nothing is sacred to DISH. I”m dropping today.

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