As Tonight’s Powerball Jackpot Hits a Minimum of $550 Million, Californians Wonder Why Powerball Isn’t Played in the Nation’s Biggest State. In Fact, Powerball Could Be Coming to California Soon

Nov 28, 2012  •  Post A Comment

With the nation caught up in Powerball mania as the multistate jackpot for tonight’s drawing grows to $550 million and beyond, residents of the country’s largest state are feeling left out. But the Los Angeles Times reports that they may soon be able to get in on the action — just not in time for tonight’s excitement.

“At their Thursday meeting, the California State Lottery Commission is expected to adopt regulations to join 42 other states that participate in the Powerball lottery,” the paper reports. “California retailers could begin selling the $2 tickets in 2013.”

No one has won the Powerball jackpot since Oct. 6, the piece notes, causing the jackpot to roll over 16 times. Lottery officials say the jackpot goes up by at least $10 million each time it rolls over.

“To play Powerball, a participant must pick five unique numbers from a field of one through 59, and a Powerball number from one through 35. The Powerball number can be the same as any of the first five numbers,” the story reports. “The odds of winning are 1 in 175,223,510.”

The Times piece adds: “According to the agenda for the commission’s Thursday meeting, joining Powerball would bring in an additional $90 million to $120 million in sales to California, even with an expected drop-off in SuperLotto Plus and MegaMillions sales. Lotto revenue helps supplement education spending in California.”


  1. Since when did California become the biggest state? Have Alaska and Texas already seceded?

  2. Hi Anonymous. I think it’s clear that we are referring to biggest state in terms of population.

    Chuck Ross

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