Creepy Director Signs On With TV Documentary About a Creepy Subject

Nov 15, 2012  •  Post A Comment

A film director who has earned a reputation for his creepy material has signed on with a project that is likely to reinforce that image. “Cosmopolis” director David Cronenberg will narrate HBO’s “Tales From the Organ Trade,” Deadline.com reports.

The documentary, set to air in 2013 on HBO, is produced by Toronto’s Associated Producers in association with HBO, Global TV and Canal D, the piece reports.

The report adds: “Directed by Ric Esther Bienstock, the investigative documentary tracks the global market in the illegal sales of human body parts.”

The Canadian-born Cronenberg, known for his intensely psychological brand of horror, has made a mark with unsettling films such as “Scanners” and “Dead Ringers.” He is recognized as a pioneer of the body horror genre, which plays largely off fears of infection and bodily degeneration.

david-cronenberg.jpgDavid Cronenberg

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  1. It is long past time that someone addresses this crime. The organ harvesters are paid $$$$ for the stolen human body parts and the victim’s estate gets nothing. Often the nearest of kin do not know their loved one has been robbed of their last remaining posession – their body.

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