Fox News Boss Roger Ailes Sounds Off About Karl Rove’s Election Night Antics

Nov 16, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Roger Ailes, Fox News’ co-founder and chairman, said he decided to call it a night when he realized President Barack Obama was going to win the election, but when he got home and turned on the television he got a surprise.

"The first thing I see is [Karl] Rove saying something like, ‘You called Ohio too early,’” Ailes told TVNewser. “And I thought, ‘What the? What is this?’ So I quickly called [EVP of News] Michael Clemente and I said, ‘Michael whatever you do, don’t go to commercial. Don’t leave the screen.’”

Ailes said he told Clemente to send Megyn Kelly to talk to the decision team, and, if needed, have the group confront Rove.

"I didn’t want the public or our competitors to say we somehow panicked and didn’t confront the truth on camera," Ailes said. “As it turned out Rove was wrong. He backed down. Our guys were right. We stayed with it. Megyn did her famous walk down the hall. And it all worked out.”

Kelly’s “famous walk down the hall” can be seen in a video as part of our report last week — click here to watch it.


  1. Roger Ailes “angry” with Karl Rove?
    That’s laugh-a-ble. Ailes SHOULD be angry with himself for: all the years of stilted “news” at FOX; hiring Rove; perpetrating warped ad campaigns for vacuous Republican candidates; and being the man behind getting Richard Nixon elected in 1968. (We all should be angry with Roger for that).
    As I have written before, Ailes would be great as a modern day Barnum & Bailey, but, this isn’t the circus, this is our country and the “leaders” who have been elected. It has become a circus in Washington and Ailes has been laughing all-the-way to the bank for over forty years.
    We deserve better.
    Ailes and Rove have got to GO.
    Peter Bright

  2. Ailes publicly recognized reality!? Perhaps there IS hope for change…..nah.

  3. I recently watched, for the umpteenth time, “All The Presidents Men.” I so wish there was a current Woodward and Bernstein to go after Fox News. They are so reckless.

  4. Right, and CNN, MSNBC, the NY Times, etc. are all bastions of neutrality. Wake up!

  5. No one died in Watergate.
    Four people die in Benghazi and were it not for Fox News the administration would still be blaming it on a YouTube video.
    Hate on Fox News if you want, but clearly the pro-Obama bias among the other “news” networks has never been higher.

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