Fox News Contributor Dick Morris Explains His Election Prediction Goof

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Dick Morris, a major talking head on Fox News, appeared on "The O’Reilly Factor" to explain how his prediction of a landslide victory for Mitt Romney in the presidential election was so far off, reports FoxNews.com.

Morris told O’Reilly, "I goofed, I made a mistake. I undercounted the minority turnout and women and young people, single women. I thought that the 2008 turnout was a fluke. I think on your program many times I said that if the turnout is what it is in `08, then the polls are accurate and Obama is going to win. But they are not."

When O’Reilly asked whether Morris’ credibility as an authority had taken a blow, Morris boasted, "Well, you know, anybody else who’s gotten the president of the United States elected, tell me you are better than I am at it." Morris was Bill Clinton’s campaign manager for a period of time during the 1996 election, in which Clinton won a second term.

Morris later distanced himself from the Clintons and has been critical of both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

About his prediction, Morris added: “I said you need to average ’04, ’06, ’08 and ’10 and take the average so that you get rid of the outlier. Well it turned out not to be an outlier. … It turns out to be a trend.”


  1. Turns out half of this country has an inferiority complex. They feel they deserve this economy and they need their unions and/or the government to make decisions for them. Obama has become the anti-Kennedy – doesn’t cheat on his wife (as far as we know or the media hides from us) and he believes we should ask for what our country can do for us and not what we can do for it.

  2. Typical Republican type comment from a loser in this election. As a Democrat I’m stunned by the amount of Repubs that are depressed, saddened and fully expected to win this election. The only people who thought this was a race were the Karl Rove’s and the Rush Limbaugh’s and the Dick Morris conservatives of the world. And the media. Liberals knew this was a win but for you to think that we all deserve this economy is typical of the reason why the Republican party as of today is dead.
    Dead on arrival.
    The reason the Republicans have no value is simple. You all think we are lazy. But we all busted our rumps and went to work every day up to the election and on election day to make this President a winner.
    We went to work.
    You all sat around with all of your friends and complained but never, as you thought you were entitled to the Presidency, went to work. Just sat and complained.
    That’s not how you win elections. So keep whining and complaining. We will keep working and winning. The days of conservatism are over. And the new world order has begun.

  3. Typical Dem response….making broad sweeping generalizations about a group of people you obviously know little about.
    Repubs are allowed to be a little depressed–remember how you felt in 2000?
    By the way, everyone knows there are BOTH lazy AND hard-working people in BOTH parties. The difference is integrity and respect. The Dems fought dirty this time while Romney’s campaign was for the most part classy. Too bad BHO won, because I would have loved to see what Romney could have done for the economy and bi-partisanship. BHO has already failed on both counts and I see no evidence he can turn anything around. He’s just a celebrity. His last name might as well be Kardashian.

  4. There you go again! Remember the 47% line that lost the election for Romnesia.
    Bye, bye!
    We learned from Karl Rove. Fight dirty is to fight dirty. He’s the lowest level of fighting dirty in America. Ask John McCain. But you play dirty as well with the BHO line that the dumb cop and other losers in the Republican party thought would move the needle.
    It didn’t.
    And it doesn’t here.
    And it’s not about feeling depressed. We just re-structured our approach and decided not to be depressed but to go to work and win.
    And now we are champions and Republicans are icons of the past. Ronald Reagan is dead and not coming back.
    HE’S DEAD!!!!
    So get over it. The new world order is here to stay.
    Yes, it’s Barack Hussein Obama and he is the President of the United States because as much as you all have used the word “Hussein” as you describe him Americans aren’t as stupid and biased as you so 6th grade educated persons as you are and write.
    That’s the difference.
    I feel sad for you. Really sad. Blacks, Latinos, Asians,gays, lesbians and all minorities are laughing at your racist and biased attitudes and are putting our children in front of the video “Your Baby Can Read” and preparing for the future while your kids are preparing to text and play on Facebook, think they can be Walter White and an episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ and thinking that they have a entitlement to everything that used to be out of reach of those who thought they were better than the the rest of us.
    Get over it.
    His last name is not Kardashian. It’s Obama as in President Barack Obama. The leader of the free world, the most powerful man, with the middle name “Hussein” on the freaking planet.
    Once again, welcome to the new world order. The days of old, white males running this country are officially over.
    Nobody thinks like you any more except in Mississippi. Glad there’s only one Mississippi.

  5. Dick Morris is a failed communicator, sex fiend and sleazy Republican Reptile, in the same smarmy league as O’Reilly, Rove and the loser blonde who hates anything that has to do with integrity or democratic action. Romney and his puppet Ryan lost because they lost touch with the populace–elitist fools who think smoke and mirrors can get the job done. The better man won–and so did America. Four more Beers! Romney and his ilk can crawl back into their cozy mansions and sulk. It’s all over.

  6. Dick Morris let his partisanship get away from him which blinded him (and others) on the reality of the Presidential race. Republican’s have to get away from their extremist views and realize that it is a big country and most people are neither left or right wing. As well, catering to the rich, white elites may bring in the money, but in the long haul it doesn’t really bring in the votes. Especially when you have candidates who use racist platforms to marginalize women and other minority groups.

  7. Wow you’re really winning hearts and minds here with your attitude. Way to take the high road.
    I’m a guy who doesn’t feel well-represented by either major-party candidate, and I think they are all bastards, but your comments here are so fatuous and smug it could make a more judgemental person think that all die-hard Dems are as caustic and simple-minded as you appear to be. While I know that’s not the case, if you value the public perception of the President, perhaps you should abstain from making your opinions known in public as you’re ony hurting your cause, at least in the eyes of this independent-thinking commentor.

  8. Well, it seems we have heard from the representatives from Washington and Colorado, dipping into their Cheetos after a nice toke of splib. Obama won by less than 1% of the population. Hardly a mandate. Please tell me what exactly did you win? You got your high gas prices, your higher food costs, your higher unemployment, your higher food stamp users. You are going to get higher taxes (everyone, not just the 1%ers), you are going to have to pay for health care if you don’t have it (or get fined). Fuel prices are going way up because Obama doesn’t believe in coal or oil. You did get a couple of gay marriage states and some pot smoking ones. You may get some free contraceptives (thank God – oh that’s right, God was left off your platform), the right to kill unborn babies, put protect the lives of convicted murderers and rapists. The right to exploit employers through unions which are the number one cause of jobs going to southern states or out of the country. Way to go you smug bastards. Europe, here we come to be just as bad in financial shape as you. Insurmountable debt and unemployment! Yeah, you win!

  9. I don’t think Morris is partisan. He’s a media whore. If the Dems offered him more money, he’d direct all of his nonsense at the Republicans in a NY minute.

  10. Tom M-
    Obama won by over 3% of the popular vote, a landslide in modern elections.
    The right was surprised because they all live in an echo chamber, bouncing the same conspiracies and accusations off of each other, never allowing for an opposing thought. Everyone who fell for Dick Morris’ schtick should try a new news source, anything besides Fox News.

  11. Who won’t vote for Santa Claus?

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