President Obama Projected to Win Re-Election by Fox News, Other TV Outlets

Nov 6, 2012  •  Post A Comment

President Barack Obama has been projected to win re-election, reports Fox News and other media outlets.

Said Fox News, "President Obama will win re-election, Fox News projects. The call comes after the president was the projected winner in the crucial battleground of Ohio, and subsequently won both Iowa and Oregon. This put Obama over the required 270 electoral votes."

All of the major TV and cable news outlets projected Obama’s re-election within minutes of one another.

NPR lagged behind its TV brethren in calling the election.

Wrote The New York Times, "Barack Obama was re-elected as president on Tuesday, the television networks projected, defeating Mitt Romney after a long, hard-fought campaign that centered on who would heal the battered economy and on what role government should play in the 21st century.

"The president’s official Twitter account quickly posted: ‘This happened because of you. Thank you.’ "

The Times added, "CBS News, CNN, Fox News and NBC News all projected that Mr. Obama would defeat Mr. Romney after concluding that he would win the necessary 270 electoral votes."

As of 8:50 p.m., PT, CNN was reporting that the Romney camp was saying Romney was not yet willing to concede. At about the same time Karl Rove told Fox News that he was not convinced that Obama would win Ohio.

Almost at the same time John King, over on CNN was using his "magic board" of Ohio counties to reiterate that Obama would win Ohio and that Romney could not catch him.

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