Trivia Question of the Day: What Retailer Does the Most Sales per Square Foot, at $4,500? (Hint: No. 2 Is Tiffany’s at $3,000 per Square Foot)

Nov 15, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Here’s a good triva question: What retailer in the country racks up the highest amount of sales per square foot of its stores?

The answer is Apple, whose 390 stores "remain the gold standard of retail," reports the New York Post.

"[T]he Cupertino, Calif.-based company’s $4,592.20 in sales per square foot is the envy of every shop owner in the country," the story says.

Still, as the article notes, this number actually represents the 2.5 percent drop in sales per square foot that Apple experienced "in the year ended Sept. 30th, 2012 … after growing more than 20 percent in 2011."

The story explains, "Most industry watchers see the slowing growth as inevitable for a company that has had such massive success. Eventually, it becomes harder to find untapped customers, and the company already had conquered the choicest retail locations."


  1. “… the company already had conquered the choicest retail locations.”
    I guess this means that there are only 390 choice locations in the entire world. Somebody better tell every retailer in the world about this so they never open another store in a “non-choice” location. I read that Apple was planning to open more stores in 2013 but they better cancel those plans.

  2. Let’s see — they top their nearest rival by about 50%. So if they drop a mammoth 2.5% in sales a year, they have, say, 20 or 30 years before anyone matches them on a sales-per-square-foot basis.
    Yep, clearly it’s time to panic. Poor Apple.

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