Viacom Sued Over Spike Reality Show

Nov 1, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Viacom has has been sued for trademark infringement by American Digger Magazine over Spike’s "American Digger" reality show, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Hollywood, Esq.

Viacom said it acquired a valid license from the plaintiff, according to the story. The lawsuit is charging Viacom with confusing consumers and damaging its mark.

American Digger is a metal-digging hobbyist publication, published by Grady "Butch" Holcombe and his wife, Anita Holcombe. They claim the magazine received "a barrage of calls, e-mails and unfavorable comments on hobbyist forums from subscribers and hobbyists alarmed by the show’s highly inflammatory and negative depiction of their hobby" after "American Digger" aired on TV, according to the story.

"This is a surprising lawsuit on a number of levels," a Viacom representative said. "Primarily due to the fact that — although not disclosed in his complaint — we were issued a valid license from the plaintiff that permits our full use of the ‘American Digger’ trademark.”

Holcombe declined to take questions, the story adds.

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