Video: ‘The Simpsons’ Is Quick to Mock Karl Rove’s Election Night Performance

Nov 12, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Just days after the presidential election, Karl Rove’s election night performance on Fox News — during which he refused to accept the network’s decision to call Ohio for President Obama — was mocked in the opening segment of "The Simpsons," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In Sunday’s opening, Bart is seen writing sentences on the chalkboard, as usual. This time he writes: "I will not concede the election till Karl Rove gives me permission."

On election night, Rove spent about half-an-hour insisting there were too many outstanding votes to make declarations in the election, prompting anchor Megyn Kelly to walk to the decision desk to interview the network’s experts, as previously reported.

Here’s the clip:

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  1. Yes, they do manage to move quickly on that blackboard. But what was with the spelling error in the couch gag? The store sells “monacles”? Ouch.

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