Why Apple Won’t Be Reinventing the TV Business in Time for the Holidays

Nov 19, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Despite some projections that Apple would have an all-in-one TV set on the market in time for the holidays, it is looking unlikely, the New York Post reports, citing the poor state of the television set market may as a key factor.

Consumers and Apple fans had hoped the company might roll out the product before year-end. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffrey, for one, had predicted the device would be on sale next month. The piece calls Munster a “notorious Apple bull.”

But some obstacles stand in the way of a rollout, with one of the biggest being the market for television sets, which as been hurt by oversupply, thin margins and poor sales, the piece notes.

Sales of TV sets have dropped every year since 2009, while the average selling price of a TV is about $500. Munster predicted that an Apple TV set could cost as much as $2,000.

“For five years there have been rumors that Apple would upend the traditional TV business and render the remote obsolete with a fully integrated, flat-screen panel capable of piping all sorts of content into the home,” the piece notes, adding that hopes are fading not just for the end of this year, but possibly for a year from now as well.

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  1. Because of Apple’s success in the consumer electronics industry some people let their personal desires get the better of them, but no one with any knowledgeable background took these rumors seriously.

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