ABC Takes a Pass — Again — on John Leguizamo Comedy Project

Dec 10, 2012  •  Post A Comment

ABC has gone above and beyond in an effort to get a comedy project starring John Leguizamo off the ground, but after passing on it for the second time, the network appears to have finally given up on the project.

ABC made the decision not to move forward with "Kings of Van Nuys," Deadline.com reports. The decision came after network execs got a look at the second pilot for the project, which is a multicamera effort based on the British show "Only Fools and Horses," the story notes.

Leguizamo played one of two streetwise brothers, with Dustin Ybarra playing the other brother. Along with their grandfather — played by Christopher Lloyd — the brothers develop outrageous get-rich-quick schemes.

The project was first passed over last season, but ABC chief Paul Lee — a fan of the original show — ordered a retooling, the story notes. Both pilots were scripted by Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley, with “virtually the entire team from the first pilot, including everyone from the cast and director Ted Wass,” returning for the new pilot, the piece adds. The second pilot got a green light back in August.

The cast of the pilot will now be available for pilot season, the piece notes.

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  1. “Only Fools and Horses” was good. Is John going to live with his granddad, just like Del? Are we also going to hear the “viva Cookie Street” theme with this too? Granted, “only fools” is the “anti-welfare” build yourself up, make yourself a job show… but with American values of “Santa Clause checks”, will this even fly? Doubtful. To right wing values for modern America. The American version of this comedy wouldn’t fly, because the comedy wouldn’t be intelligent enough. John was not known for intelligent comedy.

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