Bob Costas Answers Critics of His Gun Comments

Dec 5, 2012  •  Post A Comment

NBC Sports announcer Bob Costas opened up after taking on criticism for comments he made on the air about guns. As reported previously, Costas sparked a controversy with comments he made in connection with a report on a murder-suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Costas clarified his comments Tuesday night, saying he was not advocating gun control but rather wanted to advance the conversation about the nation’s gun culture.

The Times reports: “Costas told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, ‘Where some people may have misunderstood my comments was I took one aspect of it …. I do not think this is the only aspect or possible aspect. There’s clearly a domestic violence aspect. There’s clearly the question, as I alluded to in a general way, of what effect playing football — which we know has debilitating effects, mind and body, at least for some — what effect that might have had. What effect alcohol and drugs might have had. And another aspect of that is easy access to guns and a gun culture. And it was that aspect — the gun culture — that I focused on. Not to the exclusion of the others but just because I didn’t have all that much time.’”

Many of those criticizing Costas mentioned the 2nd Amendment, the piece notes.

According to the report, Costas added: “What I was talking about here, and I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear to everyone, was a gun culture. I never mentioned the 2nd Amendment, I never used the words ‘gun control.’ People inferred that. Now, do I believe that we need more comprehensive and more sensible gun-control legislation? Yes I do. That doesn’t mean repeal the 2nd Amendment. That doesn’t mean a prohibition on someone having a gun to protect their home and their family. It means sensible and more comprehensive gun-control legislation."

Costas’ original comments can be seen here.

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