Friction at AOL Over First TV Spot Under CEO Tim Armstrong — Creative Differences Cited, With One Top Exec Leaving the Company in the Dispute

Dec 11, 2012  •  Post A Comment

AOL has delayed its first television commercial under Chief Executive Tim Armstrong because of creative differences, reports Advertising Age. The company had been expected to launch a $10 million campaign this week, the story reports.

Armstrong got involved in the creative side of the campaign, pushing to end the 60-second spots with people dancing next to the AOL logo. Armstrong attended auditions for the dancers, with two of the auditions taking place at AOL’s studio.

Former AOL Chief Marketing Officer Jolie Hunt didn’t like the creative direction Armstrong wanted, and their disagreements contributed to her departure last week, the story says.

Now, the first TV ad, which had been slated to air this week, will debut sometime in 2013.

"Where we are today with the campaign is not great and we want to move it from good to great," said AOL spokeswoman Caroline Campbell.

The spots have a voiceover from Jonah Hill and were supposed to air during the telecasts of "Monday Night Football" and "The Voice," the story adds.


  1. After being involved in video and audio productions for 40 years, a word of advice to all CEO’s and corporate execs not named Spielberg; “Stay the f**k out of production!” After all when was the last time you invited the production crews and producers to your board meetings?… Exactly! You will have the same effect on their project by not having a clue as to what is going on and why. Not to mention the fact that you are not, nor have you ever been, creative or had the ability to think in the abstract.

  2. I agree with “Tim” , leave it up to the “Experts” , that way you are assured it will be the same boring repetitive nonsense seen all over television.

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