How Chris Matthews Is Filling the Void Left by Olbermann at MSNBC — and Why Matthews Chose to Stick With TV Rather Than Run for Senate

Dec 28, 2012  •  Post A Comment

MSNBC President Phil Griffin has dubbed Chris Matthews, host of "Hardball," as "the model figure" for the network and also revealed that Matthews contemplated a run for the U.S. Senate four years ago, reports TVNewser.

Griffin was interviewed by the AP’s David Bauder and speculated that Matthews would have been "one of the stars of the Democratic Party" by running and winning in 2008. Matthews, however, chose not to enter politics as a candidate.

Matthews told the AP, "I never want to do what everybody else is doing. I don’t want to be part of the chorus."

Bauder writes of Matthews’ current stature with MSNBC, "Matthews symbolized MSNBC’s growing comfort in being a liberal alternative to Fox News Channel. With Keith Olbermann out of sight, Matthews essentially replaced him as the commentator that most annoyed conservative viewers."

Griffin adds, "[Matthews] is at a place in his life where he’s really comfortable in his own skin. He’s a statesman."


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  1. Matthews is a bit of a joke, not taken seriously by most. As to why he won’t run for office the reasons are obvious: he would lose power and money by running. His fragile ego requires that he be “top dog” and in the Senate he would be starting at the bottom. And it would be too much work for him–he’s a lazy guy who gets his kicks spewing hate and intolerance while preaching love and acceptance.

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