Jon Stewart Reveals His Least Favorite Celebrity Guest — Host Bans Actor From ‘The Daily Show’ After the Guy Behaved Like a Diva

Dec 14, 2012  •  Post A Comment

TV hosts often stop short of naming the guests they dislike the most, but Jon Stewart didn’t pull any punches in a recent interview. Yahoo reports that Stewart named Hugh Grant as his least favorite guest and has banned the British actor from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

Grant reportedly behaved like a diva during a December 2009 appearance on Stewart’s Comedy Central show. Among the actor’s complaints, he didn’t like the clip that was chosen for his promotion of his movie “Did You Hear About the Morgans?”

In an expletive-laced interview with Stephen Colbert at the Montclair Film Festival in New Jersey, Stewart reportedly said of Grant’s appearance: "He’s giving everyone s*** the whole time, and he’s a big pain in the a**.”

The piece adds: “Grant reportedly complained, ‘What is that clip? It’s a terrible clip,’ to which Stewart replied, ‘Well, then make a better f***ing movie.’”

During the on-air interview with Grant, Stewart kept his cool, according to the piece, and the interview came off without any visible signs of tension.

Stewart also reportedly said during the recent interview that he almost quit “The Daily Show” on his first day of work back in 1999.

Said Stewart: "I walk in the door, into a room with the writers and producers, and the first thing they say is, ‘This isn’t some MTV bull****.’ … And then I was told not to change the jokes or improvise. [I told my agent] get me the f*** out of this. These people are insane … I had to be talked down from a moderately high cliff. … What I did not realize is, a lot of the people who worked there were a**holes."


  1. I love Jon Stewart. I think he is both brilliant and funny. I think there is more real news in the Daily show than on any national network newscast other than the News Hour. Having said that, he sounds a little like Charlie Sheen in this piece and I am trying to figure out if he is making a joke or is he really that arrogant. If it is the former, than way to go Jon, you got me good. If it is the latter, quit whinning, a lot of us are working our asses off at jobs that are nowhere near as much fun as your’s and we’re making a lot less money.

  2. After reading Stewart’s comments he calls Grant a diva? Talk about the pot….

  3. The problem with the written word is that you lose inflection and implied tones of voice. A lot of meaning gets lost, and misunderstanding occurs.
    Anybody who has watched Jon Stewart throughout the years, followed him on Twitter and Facebook and in his other work, knows his sense of humor and position on most topics. And a diva or dick he is not. He has gained an enormous following and turned The Daily Show into a decent forum for change.
    He gives people a hard time, tobe sure, but the best thing about Stewart is that he is an Equal Opportunity Ball Buster. Yeah, he’ll snark out a Republican for some ridiculous bill or proposal, but the next day blow some Democrat out of the water just as fast for the same thing.
    I’d vote for Jon Stewart for public office any day…

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