NRA Attacks Media in Wake of Sandy Hook Shootings, Calls for Arming All U.S. Schools

Dec 21, 2012  •  Post A Comment

One week after the deadly shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., the CEO of the National Rifle Association today made the organization’s first public statement on the tragedy, NBC News reports.

In a speech disrupted by protesters holding a banner that read “NRA Killing Our Kids” and shouting that the gun rights organization has “blood on its hands,” NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre took a defiant stance, blaming the killings on the media and schools’ gun-free zones while calling for armed officers in all U.S. schools.

LaPierre “blamed violent video games and movies, the media, gun-free zones in schools and other factors,” the report says, adding that LaPierre “said that the students in Newtown might have been better protected had officials at Sandy Hook Elementary been armed. He said that putting a police officer in every single school in America might make schools safer.”

LaPierre called for Congress to immediately approve funding to put an officer in all U.S. schools. "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun," he said.

“The NRA executive’s statement was nothing short of defiant in the face of mounting discussion of the need for tighter restrictions on guns — including renewing a ban on assault weapons — in the wake of last week’s shooting,” the piece reports.

LaPierre will appear Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the report notes.


  1. Ok. Let’s get ready for another Civil War.

  2. A guy in China kills 22 kids with a knife. Bad weather just killed at least five in the Midwest (why don’t we have a Mideast in this country?). Abortion kills millions of kids yearly. What about drunk drivers, cell phone users driving while texting. Making laws doesn’t change anything, you have to enforce them. There will always be civil disobedients, criminals, miscreants, etc. Go after the screwed up people not their weapon of choice.

  3. CT has the 4th most stringent gun laws in the country and they ban assault weapons. Obviously, their gun laws didn’t work. We need to take steps to see what we can do to assure that this never happens again, but just gun laws do not work. We need to develop a more comprehensive program to identify and help people like the CT shooter.

  4. The guy in China used a knife to wound 23 children – not kill them. The children all survived. That’s one of the big differences with assault weapons filled with clips that shoot dozens of armor-piercing bullets. We’ve done a lot to address drunk driving, just because we cannot totally eliminate all hazards doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to do something to reduce the number of totally senseless, hideous murders.

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