Some Rock Stars Are Twice as Likely to Die Young as Other Rock Stars — Study Determines a Key Difference

Dec 21, 2012  •  Post A Comment

A study from British researchers has found that rockers actually do die young — or at least younger than the rest of us, reports Yahoo News. It’s not known why that’s the case, however, the story says.

The study also determined a key factor that makes some rock stars twice as likely to die as others.

The researchers from Liverpool John Moores University studied almost 1,500 rock stars from the past 50 years, ranging from Elvis Presley to members of the band Arctic Monkeys, who gained fame in 2006.

The study found that rock stars died earlier than expected based on their age, gender and ethnicity, the story reports. A disparity was found between solo artists and members of a band, with solo artists twice as likely to die young than those in a group, the report notes.

The study found that 22.8% of solo artists died young, while only 10.2% of North American band performers died early. The disparity may be related to the level of fame attained by solo artists.

The piece reports: "It’s also possible that the built-in peer support band members provide … helps protect against early death, but future studies are needed to address this question, the researchers said.”

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