Tribune’s WGN May Get Makeover Under Peter Liguori

Dec 7, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Tribune’s WGN America cable station may get a makeover under chief-executive-in-waiting Peter Liguori, reports the New York Post.

The cable network currently airs a mix of syndicated shows such as "Law & Order" and Chicago Cubs games, but may morph into a station with original programming under Liguori, the piece notes.

Liguori is expected to take over Tribune once its owners pick a new board, which should happen soon. He’s talking with former Disney Chief Strategy Officer Peter Murphy to join as chief operating officer, according to the article.

Tribune might also consider merging WGN with another general entertainment cable channel, with the goal of making the service more desirable and pushing up distribution fees, the piece adds.


  1. WGN America was a much more interesting network several years ago when they ran retro sitcom classic series on Sunday nights (2008-2010). I actually watched the channel back then.
    Many of the episodes, such as WKRP (the first series, “The Honeymooners–The Lost Episodes,” and Newhart (1980s series), were broadcast uncut–just like they ran on network TV 30+ years ago.
    Even the “New WKRP” episodes (1991-93)would be a welcome treat. Also “The Honeymooners” have many color episodes from the 1960s and 1970s that haven’t aired on tv in decades.
    There are many past series that never air anywhere anymore, that could air on WGN America to an fresh audience who wasn’t even alive back then.
    I can watch reuns of 30 Rock, America’s Home Videos, and How I Met Your Mother anywhere.
    Trbune could also liven up the WGN America lineup if they showed more of their past library, not airing the same show hour-after-hour, or shows that people have seen a thousand times before.

  2. The best thing about “Retro Sundays” was that they were the only ones to actually air the original broadcast episodes of WKRP – with all the original music intact.
    Alas, we’re likely to end up with yet another channel full of talk and “reality” programming. 🙁

  3. I won’t watch WGN America if they only air a bunch of talk and reality programs. There are other cable channels that already have that.
    Airing older shows that are RARELY shown anymore, is also an inexpensive way to program a channel with “fresh” programming, without the large production costs of original programming. WGN America will also get a larger audience–if they do it right.

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