Washington Police Investigating ‘Meet the Press’ Incident

Dec 26, 2012  •  Post A Comment

Police in Washington, D.C., are investigating an incident on NBC’s "Meet the Press," during which host David Gregory displayed what he described as a high-capacity ammunition magazine, reports The Washington Post.

Gregory was interviewing National Rifle Association Chief Executive Wayne LaPierre when he held an object in his hand, describing it as a magazine that could hold 30 bullets.

The D.C. code, in its firearms regulations, stipulates, "No person in the District shall possess, sell, or transfer any large capacity ammunition feeding device," regardless of whether it’s attached to a firearm, the story says.

Questions about whether the incident violated the code came up online after the TV show aired, the article notes.



  1. Sure, this gun law they will enforce.

  2. This shows how pathetic these laws are – where merely holding a high capacity magazine on camera is illegal.

  3. This whole outrage over guns because of recent events just pisses me off incredibly. I’m actually fairly liberal but the gun laws aren’t the problem here – it’s sick people who decide that they will settle for infamy over real fame and go out in a ‘blaze of glory’ where they’ll be remembered for generations to come AND WE KEEP GIVING THEM EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. That’s the thing, here – we as a public are actually reinforcing the attitude. We don’t show people who run onto the field of play during baseball and football games anymore because not giving them publicity would hopefully cut down on the practice. If the press sucked it up and started a self-moratorium on reporting shooter’s names and using them as the lead news story for 6 months after an event, maybe it would make some of these people think of something else. But no, because self-important news jerks who think every little but of information MUST be reported because of our society’s ingrained practice of glorified rubbernecking and ratings takes priority over responsible journalism & being responsible members of society, we’re going to see this happen again & again & again. Go ahead, you opportunistic scumbags who think this is some kind of mandate to just ban guns entirely, use this to push your agenda that has nothing to do with the real cause of this tragedy and others like it and start counting down the days until it happens again. Maybe not with guns, maybe it’s with homemade mustard gas or a collection of knives that will be used to hack the victims apart, guaranteeing a death 100x more horrific than if they’d just gotten a piece of lead to the brain. Until the REAL issue of mental health in this country is addressed, these events will continue to happen and the public, with the media’s help, will continue to turn these sick murderers into international celebrities. Everybody wants to blame somebody for these tragedies and are eager to point the finger anywhere except at the true guilty parties – the person in the mirror.

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