CBS Affiliate Slaps a Ban on Coverage of Lindsay Lohan

Dec 3, 2012  •  Post A Comment

A CBS affiliate has banned coverage of Lindsay Lohan in the station’s news reports after the news director asked viewers whether they wanted a halt to stories about the troubled starlet, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Washington, D.C., station WUSA-TV’s news director, Fred D’Ambrosi, raised the issue by writing on Twitter that he was thinking of banning all Lindsay Lohan stories, which was retweeted by the station with a request for viewer responses, the piece notes.

The result was a series of colorful tweets, such as one woman’s response: "yes please f–k Lindsay." Another response asked that the station also stop covering the "K" family, presumably a reference to the Kardashians.

The news director said he ultimately decided to kill all Lohan-related stories. "The people have spoken!" he wrote on Twitter.

He added that the station will still cover pop culture, however.


  1. Very unprofessional decision.
    If the story is newsworthy, it should be reported.

  2. Obviously, their viewership have deemed her UNnewsworthy and not worth having to listen/watch a report on. We’re talking about a half-assed celebrity coverage, not C-SPAN. Professionalism falls on their side by not forcing crap down their viewer’s throats that serves to educate and edify noone; as the people have voiced.

  3. I think it is unfair to only choose one person to exclude from their broadcasts. They should take a poll over several weeks, get a complete list of all those that people wish to exclude – then have a final vote with everyone getting over a hundred or whatever amount of votes being excluded. I don’t watch the news as I don’t know of anyone – especially in entertainment or politics – that I care about knowing their latest activities. Isn’t that what Twitter and FaceBook are supposed to do?

  4. When is “hollywood gossip” considered as news? Last I heard, “gossip” was never news. Besides, real journalism doesn’t gowith what she will do and who thinks what. Many stories on celebs are like that nowadays. Opinion is no journalism or news. Channel 9 is probably looking at keeping some cred to their brand. Fore, they are the only ones at this point to do so.
    One last thing…. Shameless promotion and marketing is not news either. This story shows us that someone else, besides me, see this.
    Fred… Way to go! A fellow broadcaster likes your decision. Way to take a stance.

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