ABC Signs on for High-Concept Sci-Fi/FBI Drama From Feature Director Brett Ratner and ‘Law & Order’s’ Barry Schindel

Jan 8, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Teaming for a new drama project at ABC are high-profile feature film director Brett Ratner ("Tower Heist," "Rush Hour") and Barry Schindel, producer of “Law & Order” and “Castle," Deadline.com reports.

The project, “Tomorrow,” is “a high-concept law enforcement procedural about an FBI agent who gets trapped in a time travel scenario,” the piece reports. “Ratner, who is set to direct, and Schindel, who serves as showrunner, executive produce with [Katherine] Lindberg, [Ted] Cyr and Anonymous Content’s Michael Sugar and Nicole Romano.”

The project, created and written by Lindberg and Cyr, is financed by Reliance’s Georgeville Television.

“Like all Georgeville projects, ‘Tomorrow,’ now in development, has a script-to-series commitment, meaning that if ABC likes the script it would trigger a 13-episode series order,” the piece reports.


  1. Time traveling law enforcement agent. Hmm… even if this isn’t the main premise of the show, there will probably lots of episodes about the timeline being altered (or attempts to do so) by sundry “bad guys” while the “good guys” efforts are directed at stopping those attempts or “fixing” alterations to the timeline to return it to “normal.”
    That’s great… if you believe in predestination and that things are “supposed” to be a certain way.
    But what if you think history is determined by the actions of people with free will?

  2. That’s fine but if you have someone who has knowledge of how events are about to unfold because they have come to that historical point from the future, that’s not history being made by people with free will, it’s pissing in the soup. I had some problems with LIFE ON MARS (both versions) but I’ll give them credit for not taking some of the obvious & usual time travel ‘outs’ we see in so many projects that are made by people who think time travel is just an easy plot device that doesn’t require much thought or research outside of a quick Wikipedia search. I’ll give it a look if it actually happens but the cards are stacked against it – most time travel series suck. Hard.

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