Alec Baldwin Reveals Why He Almost Left ’30 Rock’

Jan 17, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Alec Baldwin tells Rolling Stone magazine that he considered leaving the NBC comedy series "30 Rock" after its fifth season because of weak writing.

"Though even anemic ’30 Rock’ writing is still better than everybody else’s writing. I go, ‘I’m going to get the fuck out of here, I’m done,’ because I’m an employee, I don’t have any say," Baldwin said.

But he had met his second wife around the same time and didn’t want to disrupt his routine in New York, he adds. The show will wrap on Jan. 31, concluding its seven-season run.

"So season five ends, and I’m saying, ‘Next year, I’m done,’ then I come back, and season six is really good — we all had fun again," Baldwin says in the interview.

Baldwin added that show creator Tina Fey has had a more hectic life since the birth of her second child in 2011. "This year was the first time she came in and laid down on the couch on set, and you could tell, she’s a mom,” he said. “She’s fucking wiped out.”


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