Dispute Between Actress and CBS Drama Series Takes a Turn for the Worse

Jan 7, 2013  •  Post A Comment

An ongoing battle between an actress and the CBS drama series on which she has been a regular has taken another turn, with word surfacing that Jennifer Esposito won’t be back on “Blue Bloods,” TVLine reports.

Esposito has Celiac disease, and left the show for a medical leave a few months ago. “As reported back in October, CBS says the actress requested ‘a very limited part-time schedule’ that the demands of the role could not accommodate, so they put her (and her character) on a leave of absence,” the piece reports.

Esposito has been unhappy that she is being prevented from working elsewhere during her absence from the show, as we previously reported. Now the word is she won’t be invited back to play Det. Jackie Curatola again on the series, according to the report. “Blue Bloods” is rotating in Megan Ketch and Megan Goode to play new characters to take the place of Esposito’s, the story reports.

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Jennifer Esposito


  1. Jennifer Esposito’s replacement(s) are probably nice people who don’t mug old ladies or steal hub caps but they are not anywhere as good as Jennifer was in the role of Donnie Wahlberg’s partner. Another dumb move by CBS.

  2. Agreed. She is perfectly cast in the role of an police detective. No disrespect to the other “partners” (and have only seen the blond) but she looks like she should be on America’s Next Top Model rather than on Blue Bloods.
    Jennifer is rough and tumble with the looks that guys like. Women tune in for the other family type stuff and strong characters like the DA woman but Jennifer’s role surely hits the mark with male viewers. And CBS must feel her quality if they refuse to let her work elsewhere. Yes, a dumb move not to bring her back to this show.

  3. Megan Ketch … OH … MY … GOODNESS …….. HORRIBLE ACTRESS (if you can even CALL it THAT) .. WHERE … Did they FIND Her?????

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